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Are you sick and tired of your old, dirty garage floor? Epoxy flooring is ideal for a garage floor. It seals the concrete from dust and gives you an attractive surface that not only looks great, but is easy to clean and repels dirt and chemicals. But here’s the secret… Not all epoxies are the same. In fact, the DIY hardware store kits give epoxy a bad name. Most of them are water based, and have a very low solid content, which means they are very thinned out, leaving you with a thin mil coating with little tensile strength. And if you don’t prep your floor correctly, you’ll see failure within months. Professional epoxy garage floor coatings are a whole different ball game!!!


Why Hire a Professional?

pg820_inactionSurface Prep / Repairs

  • DIY: Most DIY kits include a mild acid wash, which is not strong enough to prep hard surfaces and will not remove oil stains or cure & seal sealers found in most concrete. Acid washing requires multiple clear water rinses, which allows moisture to get trapped in the concrete pours for days. If prep isn’t done correctly, it will cause the epoxy to peel off over time.
  • Professionals: Preparation is a key factor in having a garage floor coating that will withstand the test of time. A certified and experienced professional installer will carefully evaluate your garage floor surface. Diamond grinding the surface is the most recommended way to prep the concrete floor. It removes all surface dirt and oil stains. But more importantly it removes the smooth, top surface of the concrete. That allows the pours and aggregate to be exposed, which allows the new epoxy coating to wick into the concrete, resulting in a very strong bond to the concrete. A professional will also repair any surface cracks and pits with a commercial grade patch, which will not been seen after coating system is installed.

Garage Floor CoatingsGarage Floor Coatings

Quality of Epoxy

  • photo 3 (17)DIY: Do you wonder why the DIY kits are so cheap? It’s because they are water-based and the manufacturers dilute the density of the resins in the material. Most DIY kits will include a 30% – 40% solid content, which in turn means the material is very brittle. They do this for several reasons. It’s easy to apply (paint like), and the coverage rates go much farther, which means the mil thickness of the coating is super thin.
  • Professionals: Floor coating professionals use a solvent based, high build epoxy that has a solid content of 90% – 100%, which means it has very strong tensile strength and will hold up to hard impacts and normal wear and tear. These professional grade coatings also seep more into the concrete for optimal adhesion.

Color Flake Broadcast


  • DIY: Broadcasting the color flakes into the wet epoxy is the most technical part in how the floor looks. Most people have never broadcast flake and the finished product usually is very blotchy with heavy and light flaked areas. Most people don’t want to purchase a $100 set of shoe spikes either, so getting the flake even throughout the floor is pretty much impossible.
  • Professionals: Broadcasting color flakes is a technique learned by installing many floors. A good professional will broadcast the flake into the floor very evenly throughout. The flake broadcast is so crucial in having a floor that looks professionaly done.

Quality of Top Coat

  • DIY: Same scenario here… Some DIY kits include a water-based clear coat, but most do not even include it. If they do, they are very thinned out and have a very thin mil thickness after applied.
  • Professional: Professional grade Urethane and Polyurea top coats include a high solid content and are applied to a high build. They include strong tensile strength and high chemical resistance. This step is very important because this is the layer that gets the traffic and wear.


  • DIY: DIY kits usually take 3 days to install and require 5-7 days of drying time to fully cure.
  • Professional: Most professional installers can complete the floor install in 1 – 1.5 days, and can be driven on within 2-3 days. You’ll never have to worry about “hot tire pickup” with a professional floor coating.

Long-Term Performance

  • Epoxy Coating - Mountain RoadDIY: Long-term performance doesn’t exist in a DIY coating. They are pretty much a cover up that needs to be re-coated constantly. Take it from my experience. When I was growing up, my dad and I would re-coat our garage floor with the DIY kit every spring. It was just what we did to keep it looking decent. The cost of re-coating the floor every year ended up being more than what a professional floor system would have cost.
  • Professional: A professional grade floor coating system is designed to withstand the test of time. If the concrete is prepped right, and a high build / high solids coating is used, you shouldn’t ever have to re-do it again. A new clear coat refinish is recommended every 7 – 10 years, which is a fraction of the original cost.

From being in the professional coating industry in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 8 years, we have seen and re-done many DIY floors with our industrial grade garage floor coating system. This is definitely a skilled trade and should be done by a skilled, certified, and licensed floor coating contractor.

Whether you need your garage floor coated, or have a commercial project that needs an industrial grade coating or stain, our team at Quality Pro Coatings would love to speak with you. We are very particular about the quality work we do and offering our clients the most durable concrete coatings available. Please give us a call at 801-694-9874 or 801-455-1949 to schedule a FREE estimate! Thank you.